All levels: from initiation to advanced.

This allows you or your loved one to choose the date, time, place and content of the course.

You can decide to be alone or to share with 1 or 2 other person of your choice. The price will remain the same.

Private lessons are ideal for progressing at your own pace and having a dedicated trainer throughout the duration of the course or for following specific training that is not offered in group lessons.

Tell me your goal and I will adapt to your needs and your level of knowledge. Do not hesitate to call me to discuss it face to face and build your training plan together.

Your course can focus on specific technical aspects that you want to learn and practice including:

- the exposure (exposure measurement modes, storage by the device) and the speed ,

- the use of the cobra flash and a reflector ,

- HDR (High Dynamic Range) technique,

- management of strong lights and contrasts with a neutral gray filter

- support in the selection and analysis of your images with a view to building a series.

- Photoshop and Lightroom level 1 and 2 post-processing.

and / or around a theme of your choice :

- Outdoor portrait (in natural light and / or with reflector and cobra flash).

- Flash cobra

- Black & White

- Street photos / street scenes

- Image composition

- Landscape (long exposure ..)

- Urban by night

Tailor-made private lessons


All levels.